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Aesthetic surgery


Plastic surgery – Dr. Huynh

You deserve to be loved by yourself

A renaissance for your joie de vivre.

Every human being has their flaws and insecurities. We know – nobody is perfect.

But external influence and our own perceptions can change the way we feel about ourselves. Viessance is all about regaining our self-love.

Inspired by the Renaissance’s philosophy, we will bring out your natural beauty by adopting an artistic approach. It is with finesse, virtue and state-of-the-art technology that we achieve authentic results that aim not to mirror ideals but rather adopt nature as a role model. You as an individual are the focus of our endeavours. We design concepts for your personal wellbeing, which make you love your own skin and reconnect back to body, mind and soul. Each body is unique and a piece of art – and this is exactly the way we treat it.

Range of services

Range of services

Like everything else in life, our body is constantly changing – different stages of life, external influences like sun exposure or stress but also diseases or accidents can change our appearance. Within our extensive range of services of invasive and non-invasive methods, we will identify the best individual treatment for you. We understand the hurdles that may exist when talking about one´s condition. Hence, we are happy to have a first consultation with you – discrete and without any obligations.

All treatment methods



With our clinic we have created a unique place where we can offer you a comprehensive range of services from consultation to treatment or surgery. You will find yourself in a relaxed, discrete atmosphere with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment. There are private parking spaces available as well as a barrier-free access.

Dr. Viet Tuan Huynh

You will be consulted and treated by Dr. med. Viet Tuan Huynh, board-certified specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, who is supported by a committed team. The foundation of his medical expertise lies in his long-term experience, artistic vision and the pursuit to restore harmony between body and mind. Born and raised in Aachen, he has Vietnamese roots and has been practicing as senior consultant in Baden-Baden before his establishment in 2018.

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Even if you might find it difficult to speak about your conditions – we are happy to assist you in a discrete consultation. We kindly ask you to arrange an appointment by phone.

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    Dr. med. Viet Tuan Huynh
    Heinrichsallee 40
    52062 Aachen

    Tel.: 0241 – 51003138
    Fax: 0241 – 51003140

    Viessance Aesthetics Kohlscheid
    Dr. med. Viet Tuan Huynh
    Weststr. 126
    52134 Herzogenrath-Kohlscheid

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